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Welcome to my digital world. Immerse yourself in my artworks and NFTs.

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Passion & Vision

I am a digital artist from Europe who creates captivating and immersive animations that transport viewers to parallel realities.

My main mission is to expand the reach of digital art beyond the confines of screens and seamlessly integrate it into urban environments and popular culture.

I specialize in creating high-quality digital art pieces for various purposes including personal enjoyment, offline exhibiting, and development of cultural heritage. Additionally, I possess expertise in helping brands effectively communicate with their target audience through the medium of digital art.

My exceptional works have been prominently featured in top exhibitions across the globe, from the bustling streets of New York to the halls of Theater of digital art in Dubai.

Offline Exhibitions

My artworks are showcased in significant exhibitions around the globe, including in New York and the Theater of Digital Art in Dubai.

— 2024 —
  • NFT.NYC, New York [03.04 — 05.04]
  • Digital Art display at SuperMetall, Moscow [01.05 — 31.05]
  • A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts, Almaty, Kazakhstan [18.05]
  • "DECIPRALAND. Re(visions)", Art exhibition, Nizhny Novgorod [21.05 — 24.05]
— 2023 —
  • NFT.NYC, New York [12.04 — 14.04]
  • Unfold Gallery, New York [12.04 — 19.04]
  • Digital Art display at SuperMetall [10.04 — 30.04]
  • "Guiding Thread", Fashion exhibition, Tula, Oktava [22.04 — 01.07]
  • Display at my personal pop-up studio at SuperMetall [15.05 — 15.08]
  • "DECIPRALAND. The Singularity", Art exhibition, Nizhny Novgorod [31.05 — 02.06]
  • Outdoor digital fashion display, Beijing, China [31.05 — 31.07]
  • Repeat, Music festival [09.06 — 11.06]
  • Moscow Fest, Creative festival, Fashion Pavilion [03.07 — 09.07]
  • Moscow Fest, Creative festival, Digital art Pavilion [03.07 — 09.07]
  • Street Arteria Fest, Public art festival, New Manege [06.10 — 08.10]
  • Prosvet, Multimedia Festival, Perm [09.12-10.12]
— 2022 —
  • "Recreation zone", NFT exhibition [25.03 — 08.04]
  • Moscow Fashion Week, fashion show [20.06]
  • "Art Media Restoration", Decorative Art Museum [24.06 — 24.07]
  • "Horses and Roses", physical and digital fashion show [01.07]
  • "Look 3.0", NFT exhibition [08.07 — 22.07]
  • "Ivanovo Pole", Summer festival [29.07 — 31.07]
  • NFT Ship, NFT exhibition [03.08]
  • Digital Sneakers exhibition [19.08 — 02.09]
  • Playport Conf, gaming conference [03.09 — 04.09]
  • Digital Fashion Dubai, Theatre of Digital Art Dubai [27.11 — 30.12]
New York

Connecting Brands and Art

20 projects

for commercial brands, events,
festivals and artists

I have extensive experience working with a variety of brands to help them communicate more effectively with their target market through the use of digital art.

My expertise includes creating visually stunning content that resonates with the intended audience. Overall, my skills in the field of digital art and marketing make me a valuable asset to any team looking to enhance their online and offline presence and connect with customers in a meaningful way.

Case study: Love republic

Love Republic is a fashion brand and retail chain with more than 160 stores in 4 countries around the world.

product presentation

Animated key visual
for a special project

Indoor and
outdoor ads

digital gift cards

Latest clients

Fashion brands, IT companies, streaming services, banks, festivals and many others.

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