Kirill creates Artworks Worlds NFTs


European Digital Artist and NFT creator. Passionate about creating Pieces of Art, which mixes media and mediums, immersing you in different emotional states. My personal goal is to bring Digital Art beyond the screens of devices.

Offline Exhibitions in 2022

  • “Recreation zone”, NFT exhibition , 25 March – 8 April
  • Moscow Fashion Week, fashion show, 20 June
  • “Art Media Restoration”, Russian Decorative Art Museum, 24 June – 24 July
  • “Horses and Roses”, physical and digital fashion show, 1 July
  • “Look 3.0”, NFT exhibition, 8 July – 22 July
  • “Ivanovo Pole”, Summer Festival, 29 July – 31 July
  • NFT Ship, NFT exhibition, 3 August
  • Digital Sneakers Exhibition, 19 August – 2 September
  • Playport Conf, gaming conference, 3 September – 4 September


I have many years of experience in marketing and advertising agencies. I am grateful for this time and for the opportunity to work with the best international and local brands, such as: